How to Start a Vlog in 2021 – Complete Vlogging Guide

The interest in vlogging is spreading rapidly among people. Even celebrities have started making their vlogs. Watching other people’s daily routines and activities are exceptionally appealing to most of us, that is why vlogging has become so popular globally. YouTube is no longer just a site for watching funny or informative videos. In the past decade, it has become a digital powerhouse being the second most visited website on the Internet after Google. The beauty of YouTube is that anyone can get started and share their videos by following a few simple steps. However, establishing your channel and getting subscribers requires a lot of time and dedication. This article will provide you the tools and know-how about how to launch your vlog and start gaining subscribers

What is Vlog:

This word was first coined in 2000, which means a video blog or video log. ¬†This is YouTube’s mainstay, a video blog in which a person shares his/her daily life. In the early years when YouTube was launched, people used this platform to create videos for friends and family members or upload some informative content. Today, it has grown to a multi-million dollar industry. All from creating fun gaming videos and now vlogs that people love to watch.

How to Start a Vlog

Since 2009, vlogging has become an internet phenomenon; however, you can’t just become a vlogging sensation by randomly posting any stuff on YouTube. You need to add content that attracts the viewers. This article will guide you to kick off your vlogging career. If you desire to become vlogger sensations but have no idea about it. Here is all that you need to know

Understand Your Audience

First of all, understand your audience. Your viewers are everything. They are your strength, so know what they like the most and what they are interested in most. To become a successful vlogger, you need to work smartly and cater to your audience’s needs. The fun and flamboyant video style that beauty vloggers use is not your type if your target audience is middle-aged professionals.

Find your niche:

After knowing your audience, figure out your niche, which is the core theme of your channel. This will help to get a better understanding of what your vlogs are going to target. Are you going to focus on some specific topics, or else you are going to publish random videos? The former is more recommended if you want to be successful. Niche plays a vital role in making you successful.

Get Some Vlogging Inspiration

Once you have found your niche and learned about your audience, now it’s time to have some vlogging inspiration from whom you will learn. We all know that YouTube is a colorful platform, and you will already find a wide range of videos related to your niche. To increase your chances of success, you have to cater to your content with your audience.

Familiarize Yourself With the Platform

One of the biggest mistakes most vloggers make that they do not understand the platform they are getting hands-on. Thousands of vloggers on the platform fail due to their lack of knowledge of the forum. Thus such videos end up getting lost and not receiving any success. So first, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the platform.

Make Your YouTube Channel and Brand Yourself:

Now you are all set to create your youtube channel. Creating a channel is very easy, and it won’t cost you anything. If you already have one, it is better to separate your professional vlogging channel from your viewing account. It is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is provide some necessary information, and you’ll have your channel set up in minutes. Now it’s time to build your brand. Try to keep things simple and elegant. When done with basics, you can make a short introductory video or trailer.

Invest in Good Gear

It is essential to make sure that you use high-quality gear that will interest your target demographic. However, it is a common misconception that you need to have a high-end video camera. Nowadays, you can make great videos by using your smartphone; you need to learn the art. The latest smartphones can shoot up to 4K video quality; thus, that device in your pocket is useful to start with. for beginners I will suggest you for best cameras under 100.

Learn the art of Video Editing

As a beginner, you have to compete with around 23 million other channels. Thus to stand up among them, you need some tips to make your track unique. One of which is the art of video editing online. You can also take some paid courses. Or follow the famous vlogger, watch his videos, and learn how they are shooting and using the camera.

Stay Vigilant and consistent

The secret to becoming a successful vlogger is ‘consistency.’ Once you have selected your niche, you need to keep creating and uploading videos consistently. In the beginning, you must be consistent at least for three months or unless you become famous. At the same time, you need to be patient if you’re looking for a quick result after uploading a single video that is not possible.

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

Many YouTubers have been working for years, but have a few hundred subscribers. However, at the same time, some have become popular in a brief period. This is nothing surprising because if you are creating quality videos, you can be successful overnight. Thus it is suggested that the art of storytelling and video editing must be learned.


Vlogging is in immense hype nowadays because of it’s growing business and success stories of prominent vloggers. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, I hope these will help make your vlog more unique and attractive. Also, try collaborating with other vloggers; this will help your vlog grow, and you will start to see results within months.

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