How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views?

We all know that social media platforms play their leading role in allowing people to earn a significant amount of money. YouTube is also one of the well-known platforms that are aiding people in large amounts of money. Well, making on YouTube is not that easy as you think.

Most of the people come up with the question that is YouTube an excellent platform to earn? How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views? How much do you get on 1 million subscriptions? Well, the answer to all these questions is quite simple. YouTube is one of the perfect platforms to earn the desired money, and yeah, it is giving huge salaries to the people who are getting 1 million views on their videos and 1 million subscribers on their channel.

If you talk about the number of dollars one gets on reaching 1 million views on YouTube, the answer on average is $2000-$5000 dollars. There are many potential factors on which your earning depend. Moreover, there are also many strategies according to which YouTube pays you.

The amount of money you get on 1 million views

Being a YouTuber is another name for being a businessman. The more you get views on your videos, the more money YouTube will pay you. Before hitting 1 million views on your video, the money YouTube gives you is below average. But once you hit 1 million views on your YouTube video, the amount of your paycheck reaches a significant value.

If you consider your primary source of income, then you have to adopt the strategies which help you to reach 1 million views on YouTube as soon as you can. Don’t quit your job for YouTube until you get 1 million views on your video as after this figure; YouTube starts to pay you a significant amount of money.

Getting $2000 per 1 million views on YouTube

As we have explained earlier that YouTube gives you an average amount of $2000. But that is not fixed. The amount of money on 1 million views on your video depends on how you made your video. The amount of money you get from YouTube fluctuates drastically for 1 million views. Well, the answer is not that simple.

The number of dollars you get from your videos depends on the number of advertisers that mostly come to the famous YouTube videos for interaction. So if we conclude this, we would say that if you develop more and more interactions with the advertisers, you get more money.

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Strategies for money on getting 1 million views

As already discussed, YouTube is adopting many strategies to pay the people when they get one million views on their videos. The most common method is CPM, or more commonly called cost per million. The number of dollars you get on 1 million CPM also fluctuates between different scents ranging from 10 cents to $7. But the matter is it all depends on the quality and the type of content you are posting on your channel. If we talk about the amount of money people get on reaching 1000 views on their video, it is $1.5-$3.

How can you calculate the total revenue?

Before getting a full understanding of the total revenue, you should get an idea about the partnership programs running on YouTube. It is necessary because it is your partner that keeps your video going on and brings more and more views to it. The monetization also plays a significant role in giving you 1 million views on YouTube videos. Moreover, serve ads are also a part of it.

To be a part of the partnership program on YouTube, all you have to do is to upload an ad serving content that should not be n a conversational tone. It should be original and manufactured of high quality. After entering the program, there is a need to get about 1000 subscribers on your channel to initialize the process.

Not only the 1000 subscribers, but there is also a need to get the watch time of about 4000 hours, which should last for at least 12 months. The story doesn’t end here. The AdSense revenue furthermore depends on a large number of factors which can affect the amount of salary you will get on reaching 1 million views on your video.

Do you know about CPM and CPC?

As mentioned above that CPM plays a vital role in getting your salary for 1 million views. It is the amount you get after reaching the limit of 1000 ad impressions. More ad impressions mean more CPM, which leads to more amount of money you get from YouTube.

The value of CPM is all dependent on the bid the company has referred to Google. The lowest amount of CPM you can get from the advertisers is about 33 cents per 1000 views, and it ranges up to $10 per 1000 views on YouTube. Not only this, the changing values of this CPM depends all upon your activity on YouTuber, your interaction with your viewers, and, most notably, how frequently you post on YouTube.

If you want more money on 1 million views, we will contact the companies that are offering related ads to your channel’s niche. For example, you can tell Adsense that you own a gaming channel. So after knowing that, they will provide you with more gaming ads that attract more and more viewers, thus reaching up to 1 million views in no time.

Final Words

Getting 1million views on YouTube is not easy. But we have concluded the necessary information about the strategies and the total amount of money YouTube pays for 1 million views. We hope that the above article will guide you in the best way to know about the amount of money for 1 million views.

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